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Cooking Appliance Repair Service
Prompt Repair will Keep the Heat in the Kitchen
Range Repair - Oven Repair - Microwave Repair

Cooking Appliance Repair & Troubleshooting

We know how inconvenient and costly it can be when your range, oven or microwave stops working.   Call Comfort Home Appliance LLC to get your unit back up and running quickly.  We are stocked and ready to go with a 95% repair rate on the first visit.

Call 702-476-1234 or Schedule Online.

Your stove repair company.

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gas, electric, dual fuel, induction, feestanding, slide-in, drop-in - No Matter the type, we are knowledgeable and ready to service your unit.  


Rangetop: gas, electric, induction, over-the-hood, downdraft, or outdoor cooktops. - Our techs are know how to work on all different types of cooktops and rangetops and continue taking all manufacture classess so we are ready to service your unit.  Call us now.


Baking and cooking those family meals on a daily basis and on holidays is so important and here at Comfort Home Appliance LLC, we know just how important it is, so we stock our vans with the most common parts that go out in ovens so we can get you up on the first visit.  So if your unit is not heating, don't waste time, call us now for your immediate appointment at 702-476-1234.

Microwave  Oven: 

Who doesn't have a microwave?  Not many people.  We all need to heat our drinks, cook our food or reheat our food and the fastest way to do that is to use our microwaves.  Our busy lives do not always allows us to use our stoves or ovens when cooking and we know how important your microwave can be to you.  We are fully stocked with all the necessary parts for units that stop heating, so don't wait, call us now at 702-476-1234.

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Need Help With Your Cooking Appliance?

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