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Microwave Maintenance Tips

Microwave ovens are cheaper and easier to replace than the larger appliances in your kitchen, so many people don’t worry about preventative care. However, by following a few easy steps, you can keep your microwave sparkling clean and in better condition so you don’t have to replace it for a long time.

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       Keep Clean - Change Filters - Don't Run on Empty - Be Gentle on Doors

1. Keep Up With Easy Replacements

Basic maintenance reduces wear and strain on your microwave oven, and there are many forms of maintenance that you should be able to perform independently. Replacing parts such as light bulbs, door latches, turntables, turntable motors, and charcoal filters is safe and affordable. Most of these problems should be relatively easy to diagnose, too. The charcoal filter is one of the only simple parts that can be easy to




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forget about. If your filter appears greasy or if your microwave vents strange odors, this usually indicates that grease has built up and a new filter is needed.

2. Avoid Running on Empty

Running a microwave without anything inside it can cause serious damage. When a microwave is empty, the energy the microwave produces must be absorbed by its own components, such as the glass or the magnetron that produces the energy. These components are not designed to withstand this kind of exposure, and repairing or replacing them can be expensive. If you like to use your microwave as a timer, most microwaves have separate timer functions that count the time without producing any internal energy.

Charcoal Filter Replacement

GE Charcoal Replacement
Kitchenaid Charcoal Replacement
Samsung Charcoal Replacement

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