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U-Line Appliance Repair Service


No matter which of the U-LINE products you may own, Comfort Home Appliance is Las Vegas'

premiere U-LINE appliance repair team. 

In addition to the U-LINE appliance line, Comfort Home Appliance technicians are masters of appliance repair, with electrical, mechanical and diagnostic engineering knowledge in the ranks of the company’s current technicians.  As a result, not only does the Clark County homeowners get expert U-LINE appliance service, but, appliance repair technicians who understand the principals of manufacture behind this great brand.

U-Line Wine Cooler Repair Service

Comfort Home Appliance is the U-LINE Experts in their products complete line of appliances and offer a 100% guaranteed with best-in-industry warranties on parts and labor.

U-LINE appliances are intricately engineered units, repair of which is best left to the experts at Comfort Home Appliance.

We service the following U-LINE appliances:





U-Line Beverage Machine Repair Service
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Uline Wine Cooler Repair Service
U-Line Drawer Fridge Repair Service
U-Line Freezer Repair Service
U-Line Fridge Repair Service
Uline Beverage Center Repair Service
U-Line Ice Machine Repair Service
U-Line Undercounter Refrigerator Repair
U-Line Refrigerator Repair Service
We are your Neighborhood U-Line Appliance Repair Company. We service your U-Line Ice Machine, Wine Cooler,  Refrigerator & Beverage Machine.
Our U-Line Mechanics provide a precise diagnosis with their factory trained & experienced knowledge of : U-Line Ice Machine Repair Service, U-Line Wine Cooler Repair Service, U-Line Refrigerator Repair Service & U-Line Beverage Machine Repair Service.  Complete accurate and prompt U-Line appliance repairs is exactly what you get when you call:  Comfort Home Appliance LLC702-476-1234

Need Help With Your Wolf?

Call Today at 702-476-1234, or click here to request service online.


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