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Viking Dishwasher Repair Specialist

Viking dishwashers are crafted with commercial durability in mind. This means that your Viking dishwasher is typically a workhorse able to sustain a lot of use and abuse. However, if you find that you Viking dishwasher is backing up in your sink or you find food caked onto your dishes or a dull film on your glasses, something isn’t right. It means your Viking appliance is in need of an expert Comfort Home Appliance fix.

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If your Viking dishwasher produces any of these symptoms, it is time to call your local Viking dishwasher repair technician. Comfort Home Appliance LLC @ (702) 476-1234.

  • Bad smelling dishes

  • Cloudy or filmy dishes

  • Mildew smell in dishwasher

  • Viking Dishwasher cuts out mid-cycle

  • Cycles take longer to complete than normal

  • Dishwasher makes strange noises between cycles

  • Dishwasher leaks

  • Digital error message

  • Food gunk on dishes

  • Dishwasher doesn’t drain properly

  • Mechanical devises are broken

  • You find a random plastic part in your dishwasher

  • You smell a rubbery burning odor

  • It is time to change filters

Maintaining your Viking dishwasher in perfect working condition helps in maintaining good hygiene and promoting the health of your family and guests.  Learn more about how to maintain your Viking Dishwasher

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