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Viking Range Repair

Viking Residential product line offers a wide variety of ranges that bring the power and efficiency of professional cooking appliances for your home. These ranges come with a variety of top configurations, which allows potential Viking owners to choose among sealed and open gas burners, electric griddles and even induction elements. Viking freestanding ranges have achieved a well-deserved popularity among customers in Denver and throughout the USA.

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Types of Viking Ranges

Viking features four series of residential freestanding ranges – Series 3, 5, 7 and Tuscany.

Viking Range 7 Series Repair Service

Series 5 and 7 ranges are a part of Viking Professional product line. These appliances feature numerous innovations developed and patented by Viking Range, LLC. Series 7 has the top-notch freestanding ranges, and probably the best that Viking can offer to their customers in Denver.

Viking Range 5 Series Repair Service

5 Series was the first series of Viking ranges that is a part of  Viking Professional product line. These ranges boast advanced design comparing to their predecessors. 

Viking Range Tuscany Series Repair Service

The Tuscany series of Viking appliances boasts a stylish Italian design. A different approach to both finishing and functionality of Tuscany ranges makes them ideal for fitting into the most elaborate kitchen interiors.

Viking Range 3 Series Repair Service

3 series is the only series that does not belong to the Viking Professional product line and features more simple and affordable ranges.

Looking for Appliance Repair?

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Most Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Despite the high quality of these American-made appliances, your Viking range may eventually develop a problem that has to be addressed. Of course, these problems may vary by severity – some problems can be easily fixed manually, while in other cases you may have to call a professional technician for help.

Some of the most common Viking range problems are:

  • Igniters won’t stop clicking

  • Gas burner fails to ignite

  • Igniter won’t spark

  • Oven takes too long to heat up


Igniter Won’t Stop Clicking

If your stove keeps clicking after you turn the knob, it may simply be enough to carefully clean the burner. Water or corrosion on the burner or even the food residues may obstruct the gas flow. Have a look at the igniter and make sure the spark actually does appear when the igniter is clicking. Sometimes the igniter may work correctly, but the food residue or the misplaced igniter itself could prevent the electric arc from appearing close enough to the gas stream in order to ignite it.


Gas Burner Fails to Ignite

It was estimated that 80% of the time this problem is caused by clogged burners. Carefully examine the burner and clean it thoroughly. If the problem does not go away, however, we recommend checking the electrode. Sometimes it can also be caused by a faulty knob or broken knob shaft.

Oven Ignitor.png

Igniter Won’t Spark

Sometimes a problem can be caused by a dislocated igniter. Depending on a type of a burner, the electrode may fail to build an electric arch with the burner’s surface if it is located either too far from it or simply if the burner has food residues, rust, or burnt surface. If the burner itself is clean, check if the burner cap is placed in a correct position and sits firmly over the burner head. Make sure the cap won’t wobble as you touch it


Oven Takes Too Long to Heat Up

Typically, Viking ovens have two weak points – a thermostat and heating elements. If your oven fails to reach the required temperature it is very likely that one of these parts is faulty. Try finding out if none of your heating elements are not heating at all when they are supposed to. Check your thermostat! It is recommended to check the contacts and make sure it is working as intended.

Do You Need to Repair Your Viking?

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