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Viking Refrigeration Repair Specialist

Viking Undercounter Wine Cellar Repair Service
Viking Drawer Fridge Repair Service
Viking Ice Machine Repair Service
Viking Refrigerator Repair Service
Viking Freezer Repair Service
Viking Wine Cooler Repair Service
Viking beverage machine repair service
Viking undercounter fridge repair

We know that if you have one Viking appliance, you are likely to have more, this goes for the entire line of Viking refrigeration units that range from built-ins, free-standing, under-the-counter, beverage centers, refrigeration drawers or ice machines. At Comfort Home Appliance LLC, we are your one-stop Viking refrigerator repair solution. Our Viking refrigerator repair technicians are Viking’s most respected refrigeration repair authorities serving all your refrigeration repair needs.

If you own any of the following Viking refrigeration appliances, Comfort Home Appliance LLC is your top expert in Viking repair and maintenance:

  • Viking Built-In refrigerator

  • Viking Free-standing refrigeration units

  • Viking Under-the-counter refrigerators

  • Viking Beverage centers

  • Viking Refrigeration drawers

  • Viking Wine Cooler

  • Viking Ice machines

  • Viking Freezer

Viking appliances are extremely robust, however, there is no need to wait until a major refrigeration issue presents itself.

It is prudent to call Comfort Home Appliance LLC to assess minor problems well before they become major refrigeration challenges.

If you have invested the capital required to own a Viking refrigerator, the key to efficient appliance functioning and longevity is regular scheduled maintenance.

If you notice leaks or malfunctions of your Viking refrigeration unit(s), call us at

(702) 476-1234 as soon as you observe any ailing refrigerator symptoms.  Be on the lookout for:

  • Thermostat malfunctions

  • Clinks or noise coming from the unit

  • Fluctuating in temperatures

  • Ice production quality and/or inconsistent quantity

  • Viking Refrigerator stays too cold

  • Inconsistent cooling cycles in your Viking wine cooler

  • Condensation or frost build up

Need Help With Your Viking?

Call Today at 702-476-1234, or click here to request service online.

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